The Southern Clarion County Regional Police Department enforces the law, prevents & controls crime, maintains peace & order, and ensures public safety & security with the support of the community.

Name Position Representative
Robert Malnofsky Chief Employee
Jason Shakely Director SCPA Primary
Rev. Dr. Gordon Barrows President SCPA Alternate
Don Heeter Director New Bethlehem Primary
Bryan Ruth Director New Bethlehem Alternate
Tim Yeany Vice President Rimersburg Primary
Dr. Dan Burkett Director Rimersburg Alternate
Terry Beamer Director Hawthorn Alternate
Patti Hanna Director Hawthorn Primary
Justin Wagner Director East Brady Primary
Joy McCluskey Director East Brady Alternate
Susan Buechele Treasurer Administrative Municipality
Debra Shrecengost Secretary SCCRPD Secretary

Southern Clarion County
Regional Police Department

220 Broad Street
New Bethlehem, PA. 16242
Phone: (814) 275-1180
Fax: (814) 275-2963
[email protected]